Alexander Steinhart

Psychologist, Technologist

I'm an „Entrepreneur to hire“ - with a passion for combining creative-systemic thinking, research and product conception. My experience is in technology and psychology.

I'm an expert in designing, creating and executing strategies to achieve innovative, impact driven results. I love to work together with diverse, top-notch teams.

My special interest is in realigning technology with humanity's interests.

My work as been featured by publications like TIME, DIE ZEIT, Wired and Techcrunch as well as exhibitions and museums such as the Vienna Biennale and Futurium.

Currently: Consultant with ThoughtWorks; past: Initiator/CEO Offtime (sold).

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Strategic User ResearchDigital Strategy & Product ConceptionTechnical Product ManagementProcess Design, Facilitation and ModerationLean, Agile and Design Thinking CoachingLife/Business Coaching

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